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Fancy Furniture for D&D or Tabletop Gaming

I created these 3D printable pieces of furniture for tabletop gaming. Available at DriveThruPRG. There are printing profile recommendations that use Fat Dragon Games’ profiles found under their resources tab.

Fantasy Girl Sculpt

Here is a sculpt that I finished yesterday. Fantasy girl subject, just trying out some ideas and techniques.

Shark with Laser

So I made the mistake of asking for ideas to sculpt. One of my friends suggested “Sharks with Lasers on their heads.” So here is a shark with a laser. Sculpted and rendered in Zbrush.

Hellboy the Game – Free 3D Terrain

So I got my copy of Mantic Games’ Hellboy: The Board Game and love it. I have been printing purchased and creating 3D terrain and items for D&D games with my 3D printer. There is a big community of people printing 3D pieces for their favorite games. So, I decided to make a system of […]

AntMan – Not the Avengers one Though

This is a sculpt I did just before the release of the Avengers: Endgame movie. It is an AntMan, just not the one from the movie. Zbrush sculpt and render.

SciFi Girl and Containers

Here is a render of the SciFi Girl in a small scene with some SciFi Containers that I modeled and textured. The triangle container was not modeled by me, but I did UV and texture it.

SciFi Girl – Low Poly Project

This is a low poly character project. High resolution sculpt in ZBrush, low poly retopo in 3D Coat, tweaks and prep in Cinema 4D, textures in Substance Painter. Fun project to work on. Perhaps I will rig this for animation.

Buff Barbarian Dwarf

Here is a sculpt that I just completed. A buff barbarian dwarf. Now on to the next project.

Stylized female head sculpt

I did this sculpt in ZBrush. It was inspired by Storm of the X-Men. Fun little weekend project from several months back.

Editorial Cover for MPD

I did this editorial cover using Cinema 4D and finished it in Photoshop. The theme was cables and connectors.